Serve the LORD with gladness.
— Psalm 100:2

We are a friendly church with a Hospitality Team that serves with joy and gladness. Our Hospitality Ministry comprises the Ushering and Café Teams. The ushers are the first people that you meet when you step into our church premises. They are the face of Rock of Ages Church welcoming our members and visitors with big warm smiles and greeting them with firm handshakes.

The Café Team is made up of people who are passionate about food and service. The ambience they create is unrivalled. It is the place for members and friends to gather for fellowship before and after the services. We invite those who are keen to serve in the Hospitability Ministry to join us.



Serene Luah has the Head of Hospitality since the church started. Despite being an introvert, Serene always has a ready smile for everyone. Serene and her team find joy in making people feel at home in church. Serene’s professional life is also centered around people. As a Senior Financial Consultant, Serene spends time with individuals, families and businesses to understand their needs and help them achieve their financial objectives. She also helps to train new consultants.

Serene starts each day by worshiping God, reading the bible and praying. She wraps up her day with thanksgiving and spends some time reading. In her free time, Serene listens to worship songs and catch up on current affairs. She also enjoys traveling and exploring new food haunts in Singapore.