The Joy and Peace of Knowing Jesus

Before Jesus saved me, I was participating, both knowingly and unknowingly, in pagan divination activities. I was constantly tormented – day and night by spirits who actually abused me physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I was going nowhere.

After Jesus saved me, I can sleep peacefully at night because He blankets me in his mercy, grace, hope, and love.

In the past, I would yell and use bad words. Sometimes, if I felt I couldn’t say enough bad words in my angry rant, I would literally growl – that was how bad my temper was.

After Jesus saved me, I have found enjoyment and joy in speaking what is pure, true, holy, loving, edifying and helps others. And I am not forced to speak like this.

The Holy Spirit in me makes it natural that I speak only good. Also, I don’t have a temper anymore. Sometimes, I sin in some area, and my old nature peeks through to try and gain entrance into my life again.

But when I am in agreement with the Holy Spirit, and walking in Him, it is only natural to speak and act in a way that honours Him.

In Christ, my life has been totally changed. — George Lin

Rock of Ages Church