How God Transforms Me


Due to financial problems in my family, I stopped going to school and started working at a relatively young age. I was a Christian at that time, but being young and dissatisfied with my income, I decided I wanted to make it big my way, on my own terms.

That was the start of how I walked away from God. I earned money quickly by taking part in the illegal money lending business. I was also involved with secret society activities, drugs, gambling and prostitution business. Eventually these activities led me to be a regular visitor at the police station. But life still cruised on as per normal in my illegal activities.

At one point, I started feeling uncomfortable with my lifestyle. I knew it was not right, and I went to Thailand to practice to become and live like a monk. But that could not resolve my emptiness or give me peace. After coming back from Thailand, I decided to get out of my unacceptable lifestyle.

I tried hard to slowly get out of these illegal activities, and when my business partners realised, it badly affected my income. My life became hard and I tried my luck in gambling and started taking drugs. At one point, I wanted to end my life.

Praise God, He saved me. At my low point, God send George, my childhood friend, to me. He told me that the only one who can save me is our Lord Jesus Christ. He even told me that his church CG members are interceding for me. He also kept asking me to go for church service with him. On Father’s Day four years ago, my mother and I went to church with George. During the worship, I could feel the presence of God and couldn’t control my tears.

After few weeks in church, I gave up smoking, drugs and all the bad habits. My mother and I decided to get baptised. We started to grow slowly and understood the bible more by attending CG meetings. It really changed my life, habits and mindset. And now after four years, I am still being changed a little at a time. I believe that if we choose to walk with Jesus, we will be different. I’m sure it will apply to you and you will meet God in a special way.

God is good. He is good in all times.

Amen. — Jack Chen